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Whatever your requirements, FootBalance has just the right custom orthotic for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a recreational enthusiast or a seasoned athlete. Our range includes custom orthotic insoles in a range of cushioning thicknesses and support levels to suit you and your goals.

Do you experience pain in your feet?
Knees? Hips? Or back?

These problems could be caused by incorrect foot posture that puts extra stress on other parts of your body when you walk. 

These misalignments are very common, in fact, 75% of the population suffers from some sort of misalignment, many of us without even realising.

FootBalance Insoles, Boroughbridge Chiropody
What happens during your foot analysis?

A Footbalance foot analysis is a pain-free way to quickly diagnose any misalignments



  • Your feet are analysed with the Podoscope.

  • Pictures are taken of your ankles & lower leg.

  • You can see the computer generated images.

  • Any problems detected will be highlighted and explained to you.

  • Heated insoles are then 100% custom moulded to fit your feet perfectly to support your feet in a neutral position, aiding a balanced stance and a correct body posture.

Footbalance Podoscope

Why FootBalance?

FootBalance custom orthotics are a fast and affordable way to restore a natural walking position, relieving additional stress on your feet and other parts of your body so you can lead a pain free, active life. 


75% of us could benefit from the correct fitting of an orthotic insole. 

  • Developed by medical professionals

  • Moulded with the foot in the correct position

  • Dynamic support to strengthen foot muscles and facilitate foot function

  • Moulded & ready to use in around 10 minutes

  • 100% customised to each foot

  • Fits all types of footwear

  • Helps to enhance performance

FootBalance custom orthotics are used everyday in everything from running, golf cycling & sports shoes along with your everyday casual & smarter work shoes where only an ultra-thin footbed will do. All our insoles feature a non-slip bottom and are anti bacterially treated to ensure they stay hygienic and odour free. Once moulded, FootBalance custom orthotics permanently keep their customised form due to their resilient, patented core.

Which custom orthotic is right for me?

FootBalance has a wide variety of custom fit orthotics 

available to cover everyone's needs in sizes 34-50.

Medical - Gold, Silver & Black - £125

Specifically designed for individuals with more complex foot conditions, these insoles are stiffer and more supportive for greater stability.

The new medical range comes in a choice of three stunning metallic shades - black, gold and silver, for a more attractive and discreet look for your shoes.

Leather - £75

Genuine leather insoles in two different widths and thickness for optimal comfort and the perfect fit. Available in brown and black.

Medical Greens - £125

Our NEW Green super soft orthotics provide extra comfort for sensitive feet making it the perfect choice for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, as well as other conditions such as diabetes, rheumatism and osteoporosis. 

FootBalance Medical Insoles - Boroughbridge Chiropody
FootBalance Leather Insoles
Comfort Guarantee - Improved comfort within 30 days or your money back

What’s more, we are so confident in our Footbalance custom orthotics that every pair comes with a comfort guarantee. If you don't experience improved comfort within 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund - no quibbles.

FootBalance System Ltd. is a Finnish company established by physiotherapists in 2003 with the aim of improving well-being through innovations to increase foot comfort. FootBalance’s individually moulded custom orthotics support feet properly for improved biomechanical efficiency, thereby helping to improve comfort, health and performance in both sports and daily life.

"I noticed an immediate difference with the support given to my knees on wearing these insoles. After a knee operation in November 2015, I had struggled to run with any consistency. These insoles enabled me to run regularly without any discomfort. I strongly recommend these insoles and will certainly order a new pair in 2017."


"As an ultra marathon runner I was beginning to get some real problems with old Achilles tendon injuries. I came to Boroughbridge Chiropody for a full assessment and foot analysis with Julie. Now I really couldn’t do without the extra support & realignment I get from wearing Footbalance insoles in my trainers. I really feel the difference when it’s time for a new pair!"



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